Our Story

ShangMarket.com was conceptualized with the idea of bridging the gap between the rapid and explosive growth of the Internet and traditional successful businesses. Many businessmen understand the power of cyberspace but lack the specific knowledge in channeling it to their own organization. That is why Shang Market is here to act as an agent to help them grow their business through our various platforms!

For Consumers

ShangMarket.com focuses on 2 key value propositions for consumers. “The Trusted Online Marketplace” brings them the confidence that they would get what they expect while “Online Shopping – Simplified” focuses on giving the consumer the best online buying experience we can possibly provide.

For Merchants

We understand the pains of a lot of SMEs where one may feel that online tools are too much of a hassle. Hence, we created ShangMarket.com with the end goal of helping traditional businesses like you who wish to go online and reap the various benefits. Simplified selling is our key value proposition and helping you make money is our end goal. Experience e-commerce marketing the Shang way now!

Mission - To make Online Shopping and Selling Simplified for all merchants and consumers.

Vision - To be the leading Trusted Online Marketplace for all merchants and consumers.

Synergy – Unifying our People, Customers, Partners and Investors.

Honesty – To Uphold with Integrity.

Agility – Flexibility, Versatility and Staying Ahead.

Non-Conformity – Being Unique and Different.

Global – Think Global, Connect Global, Sell Global.

Shang Market Pte Ltd

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