URAH Bone Health- Optimal Micellar Glucosamine Cream + Omega-3 + Bio Calcium- increase bone density, reduce stiffness, knee pain and increase blood circulation

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10% Glucosamine plus Bio-Calcium & Omega-3
  • Increase bone density, reduce stiffness, knee pain and increase blood circulation
  • Best for elderly
  • Apply twice a day for optimal result
  • Does not require hot or cooling placebo sensation
Specially formulated based on US Patent No. 6846916 with a range of products such as Sporting Cream with MSM and Joint Health with 8% glucosamine to cater to users of different lifestyle needs.

Are you taking Glucosamine Tablet 1,500mg daily?

Here is something you should read.

Only 4-5% of the Glucosamine that you are taking is absorbed! This means that only 60-75mg is really entering your body. In one month's dosage, you are only receiving 1,800-2250mg instead of 45,000mg.

Now you know why Oral Glucosamine may not work.

With our products, we are able to deliver 4,000mg of Glucosamine into your body. In other words, that is two times more effective than oral glucosamine!


Osteoporosis Testimony of Maejima from Tezuka Surgery Clinic (Japan):

I have been testing the bone mineral density of Mr Maejima in Tezuka Surgery Clinic (Japan) in the past 7 months. His bone mineral density has increased from 2.71mmAI to 3.00mmAI which is 10.7% increment. Astronauts of NASA and JAXA had been using "Bisphosphonate" before and after their adventure into the space to prevent their bone mineral density from decreasing. However, after using "Bisphosphonate" for a year, their bone mineral density usually only increase by 1% to 5%. On top of that, "Bisphosphonate has its own critical side effects like "Atypical femur fracture paradoxical" and "Bisphosphonate-related osteoporosis at the jaw". The 10.7% increase from Urah cream is incredible, astonishing and remarkable that I could not sleep well last night just by thinking of the potential of your product. It is my hope that NASA and people suffering from osteoporosis around the world will benefit from Urah's cream for their treatment against osteoporosis soon. - M. Akatsuka

K. Walker (Singapore):

I've started using Urah Cream. It does all you say. I plan to pass a tube to my brother and step-mum who both suffer. Another three users of Urah!

Eric Chua (Singapore):

I've used Urah cream myself and I personally love and endorse it. :) Thanks for inventing a product which helps me enjoy sports again without knee pain.

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